Ms. Daruwalla is a Technology Executive with over 23 years of progressive experience across various organizational capacities including Product Management, Sales, Engineering, Consulting, Enterprise Architecture and Cybersecurity Advisory Services.Her unique Corporate experiences and Industry perspectives have enabled her to become a Trusted Senior Partner in driving outcome-based Cybersecurity, Technology and Business Transformation Programs; Her Ideas, Outside-In Thinking and understanding of Multi-Faceted Business and Technology domains have created opportunities for her as an Influential Change Leader and her eventual foray into Entrepreneurship with CyberMinds Consulting. Ms. Daruwalla is an avid speaker at Industry Conferences such as CyberTech and CISO Roundtables on diverse and relevant topics such as Data Privacy, Application Security, Blockchain and more. Ms. Daruwalla strives for: Innovation, Excellence, and Meritocracy; To be an Empathetic and a Trusted leader; Lead-by-example; Lead-through-empowerment. She is a strong believer in Giveback programs and has been active in mentoring and coaching Next-gen Cyber talent by partnering with local colleges.