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Hacking broadcast 2022

NY Information Security Meetup is a group of information security professionals and academics in New York.
We arrange events with speakers on emerging topics in Cyber Security, Mobile and Networks Compliance. Taking a breath is central to the human experience: it’s the first, and the last, thing you’ll ever do. It happens with and without voluntary control. For these reasons and more perhaps, most meditative and movement traditions have placed great importance on coming to know one’s own breathing. Breathwork is the most powerful physical, emotional and psychological healing mechanism yet we rarely give it more than a passing thought.

Breath of Life Retreat is a doorway into your body’s wisdom and health. Through this immersive, hands-on experience, you will definitely walk away with more vitality, ease and healing.



  • Improve your health and well being by understanding your body & breath.
  • Mental clarity and improve emotional resilience.
  • Evaluate some myths about breathing, movement patterns and how breath is used.
  • Learn about how breathing affects our whole body especially our nervous system.
  • How does breathing affect pain and trauma stored in the body.
  • Develop strong mind-body connection with yourself and fine tune your skills as a practitioner.


215 Lexington Ave · New York, NY
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