About Us

The New York Information Security Meetup is the largest independent security group in the North America.

The NY Information Security Meetup (NYIS) is the largest gathering of its kind, assembling top talent from the New York metropolitan region and beyond to cover the latest developments in IS. Topics include enterprise cyber security, mobile computing, network and endpoint security, and security policy including governance and compliance. Meetings typically consist of a featured speaker, demos by vetted security vendors, panel discussions, hands-on workshops, and the profession’s top networking opportunity. IS occupies the front pages of news sites too often and as such firms are embracing new technologies to safeguard sensitive account and IoT system access. No matter your position – we welcome those entering the field! – join us to network and learn from one another. www.nyis.us @NYInfoSecurity (https://twitter.com/NYInfoSecurity)


Founder · Lead Organizer

David Raviv began his career as an unmanned airplane pilot in the Israeli Air force. He to Canada to pursue an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and a Master in Business Administration.

He then became an early employee of the Herjavec Group, a leading enterprise software security reseller. David was responsible for technical sales and business and was a key piece of the growth from a few hundred thousand dollars in revenue to well over fifteen million dollars.

Moving to the US landed David at various start-ups including Proofpoint Inc., Code Green Networks, and Fishnet Security. Along with enterprise technology and startups, he loves anything that comes with a remote control.

David is also a strategic advisor to 1up.ai – a startup focused on AI-powered competitive intelligence